Jewish Learning Fellowship (JLF)

JLF is for students looking to deepen their understanding of Judaism on their own terms. The fall semester will feature two JLF tracks: Life's Big Questions and Pursuing Justice. Those who fulfill the Fellowship expectations earn a stipend. No prior experience with Jewish learning  required. Registration will open later this summer.

Life's Big Questions
Pursuing Justice

Kol Yisrael Fellowship

This new fellowship will explore how pluralism looks – and could look – in Israel. The group will examine real life case studies to understand how Jews navigate shared Jewish space within the Jewish state, examining the various values at play. Fellows will meet throughout the semester; those who fulfill the Fellowship expectations will earn a stipend. No prior experience with the topic required.


Lilith: Jewish Feminist Fellowship

Lilith is a six week program open to students of all genders who want to explore the intersections of Judaism and feminism. What do Jewish sources, ancient and modern, have to say about gender issues? What does it mean to us to be Jewish feminists? No prior knowledge required. Next offered in fall 2022.