Jewish Learning Fellowship (JLF)

JLF is for students looking to deepen their understanding of Judaism on their own terms. This semester will feature two online JLF tracks: Life's Big Questions and Pursuing Justice. Those who fulfill the Fellowship expectations earn a stipend. No prior experience with Jewish learning  required.

Teshuvah in Our Times: Anti-Racism Learning Group

The High Holiday season is traditionally a time for self-reflection and heshbon ha-nefesh (personal accounting).  This group will bring that spirit to the work of anti-racism, exploring how we can promote racial justice as individuals and as members of the Jewish community.

Participants will meet virtually for three weeks during the High Holiday season, forming a cohort together and grappling with the question of teshuvah (return / repentance) in our times.

Community Pods

Community Pods offer an opportunity for meaningful conversation with your friends on your own time. You choose the people, the time, and the topic you want to talk about - we'll send you a conversation guide and make sure you have everything you need!

Topics include Jewish or Jew-ish,

Silver Linings, Born to Create, and Responsibility & Community.


Lilith Fellowship

Lilith is for students of all gender identities who are interested in exploring the intersections of Judaism and feminism. What do Jewish sources, ancient and modern, have to say about gender issues? What does it mean to us to be Jewish feminists? Spend six weeks examining these questions and others with fellow students. No prior knowledge required.

(is)Real Talk Fellowship

The (is)Real Talk Fellowship is for students looking to understand Israel in all of its complexity. If you love talking about Israel or struggle to do so, this is the program for you. Fellows meet over tapas throughout the semester; those who fulfill the Fellowship expectations will earn a stipend. No prior experience with the topic required.


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